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About the workshop


The purpose of this workshop is to help you feel confident enough to play against any opponent, on any mission, and against any army.  


We will help give you clarity on how to develop a game plan, so that you play a more consistent game of 40K.  We'll also help you understand what questions you should be asking your opponent at the table before every game. 


We all want to feel as if we gave our best in every game of 40K, not only playing with sportsmanship and fair play, but also giving every opponent an excellent game, taking the conclusion right to the wire. This workshop will help you maximize your experience at the LGT and beyond.  Our intent is for you to leave our workshop with skills you can implement throughout every game of 40k. 


If you are feeling a little overwhelmed and would like to relax, or lessons and coaching staff will help give you a sense of calm confidence, so you can better enjoy your every game at LGT.


This in-person workshop will be a mixture of theory and practical lessons with Stephen Box and the Vanguard Tactics coaches.


Stephen and the rest of the Vanguard Tactics team have delivered this workshop in the UK and the USA with fantastic results. With an emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play to help players play 40k in the right way, this outstanding workshop will give you greater comfort with your list, with the advanced rules and strategies of 40K, and with the confidence to put those lessons into practical application immediately. 


Vanguard Tactics teaches 40k players to become great decision-makers, develop their skills to think critically while remaining composed and confident in their ability. In addition, they aim to promote lifelong participation in the game. The VT staff pride themselves on their high-quality teaching and their professional methodology in communicating their experience and knowledge of the game to help VT students become commanders at the table.

Vanguard Tactics UK Workshop

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