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The London Age of Sigmar GT is bringing large scale wargaming in the Mortal Realms back to London.

With the capacity for over 256 players, the London GT has the potential to be one of, if not the biggest Age of Sigmar events in history! Players will battle it out over 5 rounds across 2 days, before a grand champion is finally crowned. However, they won’t be the only person getting a prize… There will be other awards such as the best general in each win bracket, as well as painting and favourite opponent prizes.

So whether you are gunning for the podium, aiming for a personal best, or just looking to meet some lovely people and have a great time, the London GT has got you covered!


The London GT is a 5 round matched play event with space for 256+ players. The draft gaming pack will be released soon. If you have any general enquires at all, please get in touch here.


October 1-2


The Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London N9 0AR, UK


Where can I get tickets:

Tickets are now on sale, here.


I have questions:

Contact us here.