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Mantic Games and LGT are proud to host the Clash of Kings UK National Championship as well as Mantic night on the Saturday of the event and the brand new Clocks of War event on Friday the 30th September



Clash of Kings is the biggest annual Kings of War tournament where you get the chance to play a series of enjoyable and challenging games, with the aim of proving your worth against your fellow combatants, and of course share in the joy of the Mantic hobby whilst making new friends... or new enemies. The event pack for the tournament can be found here.



October 1st-2nd with Friday night Clocks of War on the 30th of September and Mantic Night on Saturday the 1st of October.


The Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London N9 0AR, UK.

Where can I get tickets:

Tickets are available now, from our webstore.


Mantic Night is a great way to spend time with the Mantic family, having near one on one interactions with the staff and grilling Ronnie on the new releases coming out next year.  Entrants will receive:


  • A free Beer!

  • £10 Gift Voucher to spend on the Mantic Stand

  • Casual gaming and social hangout with Mantic the night before the Kings of War LGT.


Are you a Kings of War general that can think fast? Clocks of War is a fast-paced Kings of War tournament format that sees your play time reduce through the course of day. Start at 25 minutes before eventually reducing down to just 15(!) minutes for the final time. Can you handle the pressure? Only requires a 900pt army.

This ticket entitles one person entry to the tournament. Highlights include:

  • Four intense games of Kings of War (1 x 25 minutes per player, 2 x 20 minutes player side and 1 x 15 minutes per player)

  • You will need a painted 900 point force

  • Starts at 3pm Friday, 30th of September