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The programme from 2023 can be found below and will be updated shortly for the 2024 event


The London GT is open from Friday the 29th of September at 12:00, Saturday and Sunday opening hours are from 09:00, please do not arrive before then unless you have been specifically instructed to do so by your tournament organiser.

On Friday  the venue will close at 23:00 and last orders at the bar will be called at 22:30, Saturday closing time is 21:00. On Sunday guests will be asked to vacate the building before 18:00.

On Sunday most games are expected to finish at 16:30 with the awards ceremony and raffle being announced from 17:30.


There is a myriad of accommodation options in London, we always suggest attendees find a place to stay that meets their own aspirations for the event. There are a number of hotels a short uber ride from the venue, as well as copious Air BnBs in the vicinity. If you want a more lively weekend, consider staying in central London and commuting to the venue.

Nearby Hotels:

Premier Inn London Edmonton. Edmonton Hotel | London | Premier Inn

Travelodge London Edmonton. Travelodge | London Edmonton hotel - London Edmonton hotels

Premier Inn London Chingford. London Chingford Hotels | Book Direct | Premier Inn


Alternatively - the cheapest and closest accommodation to the venue - is the Lee Valley Campsite, where you can camp from as little as £9 or stay in a bungalow, cabin or even a wigwam for much less than a hotel room. As an extra bonus, you're just a 5 minute crawl from your gaming table in the morning. You can find out more here.

How to get here - Travel and Parking

Public transport - We are encouraging as many attendees as possible to use public transport or Uber / Bolt / A local mini cab company to get to and from the venue or their hotels as parking at the venue is limited. 


  • The nearest rail stations are Ponders End and Edmonton Green on the Liverpool Street Line. The nearest underground station is Tottenham Hale on the Victoria Line. 

  • Bus: London Transport W8 services runs to and from the complex. The W8 connects to Edmonton Green train station.

​Car -  For sat navs please use: N9 0AR. Leave the M25 at junction 25, follow signs for City. At the first set of traffic lights turn left signposted to Freezywater (A1055). Continue straight along this road for approximately 6 miles (10kms). Follow signs for Lee Valley Leisure Complex. After a roundabout with flags, turn left at the second set of lights on to the complex. 


ULEZ - The venue is now inside London's Ultra Low Emissions Zone. If applicable to your vehical.

Parking - There are multiple car parks on site. The main one to the front of the venue (on the right as you drive in) has space for 800 cars. The car park has a height restriction bar which is set at 2.1 meters, or 6.8 feet.

Despite the large number of spaces on site it is important to note, should all attendees drive individually we may run out of spaces, therefore we are encouraging public transport use, car sharing, and getting an uber to and from hotels. 


What to do on arrival 
We do not issue tickets in advance of the event, the details you provide at checkout are sent to the Tournament Organizer for each game system who may have slightly different registration processes for their event. On arrival at the LGT, you should proceed to the location of your game system and follow the specific instructions from that TO. e.g. for the 40k GT, you proceed directly to your round one table and start playing when your opponent arrives, but for another game system you may need to go see the TO to check in.

You can find the location of your game system at the large map at the entrance to the building, there will also be flyers and signage throughout the hall. 

If you can't find what you are looking for - Please proceed to the Raffle location (directly opposite the main entrance when you enter the hall) and someone will be able to assist you.

There are 3 principal toilet locations. 2 under the grand stand seating and additional toilets outside on the patio. Please note that there may be queues in between games if everyone uses the toilets in the same location. 

Due to the very large proportion of male gamers at the event, there will be temporary signage up on the ladies toilets such that these will be used as gents for the event. The accessible toilets should be used as unisex for gents who need an accessible toilet and for the ladies in attendance. The toilets on the patio are also individual cubicles and can be used by anyone. Please be considerate of others in your use of the facilities.


The facility is primarily a sports venue, as such there are multiple bottle refilling taps dotted about the place however we will also have jugs of tap water laid out on a table to the side of the bar. If these have run out, please alert a bar tender who will refill these for you. There will also be bottled water available from the bar.


There is a bar at the venue serving draft craft beer, and other beverages. As a result it is not permitted to bring outside beverages into the venue and anyone doing so will be asked to leave.

Please note the convention is cash free and we are accepting card payments only.

The Bar will be open for the duration of the event.



We have partnered with Urban Food Fest who will be managing the catering throughout the event. They will be providing 11 different food trucks serving different cuisines including, American, Chinese, German, Lebanese, and Filipino.

Each vendor will also have a vegetarian and Vegan option on their menu.

You can find out more about Urban Food Fest on their website, here:



All pre-ordered merch should be collected from the Merch stand on the far side of the arena next to the raffle, directly opposite the main entrance. We will also be  selling merch throughout the event. 

We have an amazing raffle at the LGT each year with thousands of pounds worth of products to be won. We have made an effort this year to make sure the prizes are appropriate across all game systems, so please check it out and try your luck! This will be located to the left hand side of the hall from the main entrance on arrival.


The amazing raffle prize pool includes:

  • Painting supplies such as from Army Painter and Redgrass.

  • Boxed Games and Models such as from Art of War, Kromlech, Mantic, Modular Worlds, Para Bellum, ProxyWars, TT Combat, and Wayland Games.

The raffle will be drawn at the 40k GT awards ceremony, so if you are not staying for this, please tell our staff when buying your ticket to log your email address and we will post on your prizes!

Friday night Open Gaming
The bar is open! As are the gaming tables. So if you would like to play a pick up game against a mate, come on down Friday night from 1pm-11pm


Call for Volunteers

We're always in need of help setting up and breaking down the event. If you're happy to move tables and boxes we need you on Friday morning and Sunday evening. Please email us to this message and let us know you are happy to help out. We thank you all kindly.

SPLAT THE Nurgling

Next to the Raffle you will find the Splat the Nurgling challenge! Simply try to hit the Nurgling with a chainsword as it drops down a pipe!

Ork Shoota

Next to the raffle you will find our Nerf Boltgun. You'll get 10 shots to see how many orks you can shoot!


Next to the raffle you will find the Bolt Shell Throwdown! With your 5 bolt shells, see what score you can throw too! 

Speed Painting
There is a speed painting competition open to all attendees throughout the event. Paint a Grot in 10mins and try your hand at winning a prize.


Book of Grudges
Have something nice to say about a game you just had? Want to throw down some smack talk? How about leaving us a review 'guest book style' please pop over to our 'Book of Grudges' where you'll get to sign this weighty tome. We want this to become a long term record of all the amazing experiences had at the LGT and for that we need you to come tell us about them. So please check it out!


Bitz Box Challenge
Just like speed painting, but kit bashing! You'll have 10min to make a monster (or just about anything else you can from our bitz box). With the top entries earning a prize!


Game System Specifics
During the week commencing Monday 18th, you should start to hear from the Tournament Oganizer of your game system regarding registration etc. If you've not and are at a loss about what to do, please get in contact with your TO via the email address provided in the gaming packs or on the game system page on our website.


Around the side events you can find the Vendors that are trading at the event, see if you can find what you want to buy!


In attendance this year will be the inspiring Titan Owners Club, who over the Saturday and Sunday will be fighting out a huge demonstration game of Adeptus Titanicus with 40-50 titans in 40K Scale! This spectacle will be truly epic to behold, so come get your photo taken with the guys from the Titan Owners Club.

Lost and Found
During the event local lost and found collections will be from the TO responsible for the games in that vicinity. At the end of the convention, these will be aggregate adjacent to the Raffle


First Aid
There are multiple first aiders on site, if you require assistance with a minor issue, please contact your TO or come to the raffle desk and we will assist you.

Fire Escapes
There are fire escapes on all sides of the main hall. In the case of an alarm please proceed calmly to the nearest one (these are signposted and are typically in the corners of the hall). No drills are planned.

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