The London 40k Grand Tournament is the event that started it all. Bringing large scale wargaming back to London: the London GT is Europe's Largest Warhammer 40,000 tournament.


Over the course of Saturday and Sunday you will battle it out over 5 games before the final cut is made for the bank holiday Monday Play-Offs. On Sunday night there will be a general awards ceremony in which the finalists are announced and other prizes are given out, such as best in faction and best painted etc. After this, attendees will be free to go home or hang around on bank holiday Monday for some 3-round 40k RTT tournaments, or even just to watch the GT finals. Finalists will receive a free night accommodation and travel stipend to get them home at no additional cost. So all you have to do is buy your GT ticket and if you make the finals, we'll ensure your travel and accommodation is sorted without you needing to lift a finger other than to throw some more dice.

So if you want to battle it out with hundreds of other gamers, including some of the best players in the world along with a bunch of guys and girls who just want to throw some dice and have a blast playing 40k; get your ticket today.



The London 40k GT is a matched play event. The gaming pack, is in the process of being revamped for 9th edition. If you have any general enquires at all, please get in touch here.


  • Rounds 1-5:1st - 2nd of May 2021

  • Play-offs / Final: Bank Holiday Monday, 3rd of May


The Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London N9 0AR, UK.

Where can I get tickets:

Tickets can be purchased from our webstore here.

There will be a Friday Night Doubles event as well as multiple RTTs on Friday as well as on Monday. You can buy your tickets for these events here and the players packs will be released shortly.

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