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The LGT is please to be brining Battletech to the 2024 show for the first time.

Meet your TO:

Arthur Garlick you can contact your TO here.



Friday:  BattleTech Grinder

Get ready for some big stompy robot goodness! Suitable for all levels of BattleTech experience . . . IT'S THE GRINDER!!!!! Everyone will start with a low level mech chosen at random. Each time your mech is disabled, you go up a level and you get a more powerful mech. This is a social event, non-stop casual mech fun for all.  The nature of the Grinder means you can join in and leave (and even rejoin) the game whenever you want.

Ruleset: BattleMech: Manual

More info:

Saturday:  BattleTech Open Competition

Three rounds of play.  Each round you will select two mechs from a fixed list of mech pairs. No eliminations, the winner is determined on points after all 3 rounds.

The general rules pack is here:

For this competition the map sheets will be set by the organisers.

The theme will be Hinterlands 3152, mech lists will be released in good time before the event.


Sunday:  Feature Narrative Game

A full day large narrative event based on the super successful Mercenaries Kick Starter and the HotSpots: Hinterlands book.

Location: Zongshan, former Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone

The Great Eagle AgroWorks Union was an independent corporation that was subsumed into the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone when Zhongshan fell to the Clan.  The Great AgroWorks extends from the Pearl River Delta, east into the Eagle Mountains.  Mercenaries have been hired by the local workers union to protect the Great AgroWorks from Pirate attack.  

Join the Mercenaries or the Pirates for a day of casual narrative large scale gaming.  All materials provided by the organisers. Suitable for all levels of experience.

Ruleset: BattleMech: Manual + Mercenaries Battlefield Support.


Sept 27th-29th


The Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London N9 0AR, UK.

Where can I get tickets:

Tickets are available now, from our webstore.

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