A Wargaming conventions with 1000+ gamers across 10+ game systems and

37+ events


The Lee Valley Athletics Center,


United Kingdom.


Friday September 24th -Sunday September 26th

Tickets for main events on sale now.



  • 15 / 07 / 21 : An Apology - In a recent communication with a member of staff at TTCombat during the course of routine design feedback on our new terrain sets. I accidentally shared an image was which could be viewed as offensive. I have apologised to the TTC Staff member in question and both sides now consider this issue resolved. We are moving forward with updating the official terrain set which will be available for purchase soon. 

  • 13 / 07 / 21 : The London Open is back. Our annual pre-LGT 40k and AOS tournament is back on 31/07-01/08. Find all the details here.

  • 08 / 07 / 21 : Our merch store is now live, you can get yours while stocks last, here.

Our Story

The London Grand Tournament, LGT Presents or simply The LGT is a tabletop wargaming convention that is centred around organised play. 


Originally conceived in a pub late one cold winter night, the LGT has grown from a Warhammer 40k GT to a multi-system wargamming convention, including additional events across all aspects of the wargamming hobby, including Grand Tournaments and Narrative Campaigns.

Information on the LGT and the tournaments  can be found throughout this website and remember to sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with all the important announcements.

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