The LGT in excel at turning cool things into a reality, but we're not alone. When we saw this amazing board made by Trolls Den Terrain, we knew we just had to get it down to the LGT. Not only does it look cool. But there are rules to play on it too. And so without further ado, I give to you: The LGT Mario Kart Grand Prix.



















The rules for playing on this amazing construction can be found in the event pack here. Over the course of Sunday, we'll be running 4 heats, the winner of each heat will win a spot in the final and a chance to race for the prestigious title of LGT Mario Kart Champion.


The Mario Kart GP is a one day event, raced over 4 heats and a final.


20th May 2018.


The Olympic Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 2ST.

Where can I get tickets:

Tickets can be purchased from our webstore for just £5.

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