Myles David of Lil'Legend Studio is pleased to bring you a series of classes over the course the LGT.  Each class has an specific focus and you only need to buy a ticket for the classes you want to attend. This allows you to mix and match seminars with the gaming activities we have on offer.

Since 2012 Myles has been a professional freelance miniature artist, developing people’s own unique visions of what they want from their collections. Previously, Myles worked as a wine merchant - so he can offer you a decent wine pairing for your army of choice. 


Last year, Myles launched his online, interactive teaching courses that covers a wide variety of miniature painting techniques. Alongside personal tutored sessions, there is a growing library of video tutorial, Q & A sessions and PDF tutorials available on his Patreon site:


Although Myles is known for his work in the Horus Heresy, he has worked in developing Kick Starters, Box Art and created bespoke miniatures for collectors around the world. Now, his focus is on creating one off pieces for people’s collections, and engaging more fully with a community of all skill levels to develop, and paint miniatures their own way. 







WHEN: Saturday 19th 10:00 - 11:00

Class size limit: 20

1 Hours

Cost: £30

Skill Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

Class Type: Theory


In this class Myles will explain the core techniques of Airbrushing, we’ll look at different tools, airbrushes, additives and paint ranges to see what works best and exactly how thin you should have your paint! No materials required, just come along, see how I airbrush and ask as many questions as possible (although if you do bring a dreadnought or rhino chassis tank I can conduct the demonstration on that, and you get to take it away). Please bring something to take notes.



WHEN: Saturday 19th 11:30 - 14:00

Class size limit: 10

2.5 Hours

Cost: £40

Skill Level:  Intermediate to Advanced 

Class Type: Hands On.


In this class Myles will take you through a unique way to paint skin tones, one that has been developed from traditional portraiture artists, we’ll take a look at how we break down the process and delve interesting skin tones. You will need a head (preferably something from GW’s range), a palette of skin tones, greens, violets and browns as well as brushes. Please bring something to take notes.




WHEN: Saturday 19th 14:30 - 15:30

Class size limit: 20

1 Hour

Cost: £30

Skill Level:  All skill levels

Class Type: Theory 


In this class Myles will explain the core principles of Colour Theory and blending, we’ll break down how light and colour interact on a surface, how to develop colour schemes and learn how to choose the right colour every time. No materials are required, although if you do have a wet palette and a few paints, feel free to crack them open and paint along with me).  Please bring something to take notes.



WHEN: Saturday 19th 16:00 - 17:30

Class size limit: 16

1.5 hours (it’s the last lesson of the day, I’ll stay to answer questions and work on your stuff).

Cost: £35

Skill Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

Class Type: Hands On


In this class Myles, will have a look at how we add a few special effects to your miniatures that will help them stand out from the crowd.  We’ll cover OSL, power swords, airbrush and brush effects, magma and basing - think of this more as an open Q & A session. This gives us the time to have a look at your collection and see if there’s anything else we can do to improve your stuff. Bring along your miniatures, paints, airbrush set up - whatever you have and we’ll use it! Please bring materials, paints and something to take notes. 




WHEN: Sunday 20th 10:00 - 16:30

Class size limit: 10

Cost: £20

Skill Level:  All skill levels. 

Class Type: Hands On


Myles will be guiding a student from his patreon through the painting process of the Primarch Lorgar. This is an open session, available all day for people to see the design process of creating a colour scheme, advanced airbrushing, brush work and pulling all the skills explored from Saturdays sessions into a single piece. 

Tickets are now on sale via our store.

Please note the schedule may be subject to some minor tweaks and adjustments. All updates will be communicated to attendees in advance of the LGT.

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