The LGT in partnership with the The Conclave community, is pleased to bring you something really special. At the 2018 LGT we'll be hosting a narrative campaign for Inquisitor. Inquisitor is often described as a narrative skirmish game, and primarily deals with the intrigues and opposing viewpoints of the Holy Inquisition, with Inquisitors frequently coming to blows over their differing philosophies.  Unlike most of the games set in the 40k universe, Inquisitor is not set on the front-lines of a war zone where vast armies clash, but on the front-lines of another war; a shadowy secret war where there is no wrong and right, no good and evil, only shades of grey.


The Inquisitor Narrative Weekend is made up of two one-day events. On the Saturday, participants will play in a organised narrative campaign over a number of interdependent games. On the Sunday participants will both play and put their Gamesmastering skills to the test, each running a mission of their own creation in turn..

All the details can be found in the event pack here.


19th and 20th May 2018


The Olympic Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 2ST, UK.

Where can I get tickets:

Tickets for either day, along with your Convention Access Pass can be purchased from our webstore.

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