The LGT is bringing you a Friday night special. A 3 round swiss format 40k Doubles GT. Over the course of Friday afternoon and evening you and your partner will play 3 games of 40k. Each round exactly as described the first 3 rounds in the 40k GT pack. With the exception that instead of bringing one 2000 point army, you and your partner each bring a 1000 point detachment from which must share at least 1 faction keyword and that function effectively as a single 2000 point army for all rules purposes from the start of the game.


The 40k Doubles GT is a one day event, fought over 3 games.

Event Timings:

  • Registration 12:00-13:00

  • Round 1 13:00 - 15:45

  • Round 2 16:00 - 18:45

  • Round 3 19:00 - 22:45


18th May 2018


Olympic Stadium (entrance B), Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 2ST

Where can I get tickets:

Tickets can be purchased from our webstore for just £10.00 per team.

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